Top 5 Best Lightweight Wheelchair Reviews & Buying Guide

A wheelchair is a very assistive equipment for the mobility-challenged people. It is a support for those who are unable to walk due to physical disability or weakness. Lightweight wheelchair is a great option for you if you are an active wheelchair user. First of all, let’s see what best rated lightweight wheelchairs are and what functions they do have:

There are plenty of options of wheelchair categories and brands on Amazon and other websites. Thousands of manufacturers are producing thousands of wheel chairs. But it is a matter of great regret that most of the manufacturers who are offering a lower price are providing low-quality products.

They use totally low graded materials which are cheap so that they can reduce the production cost. In a result you get a less-expensive yet non-durable wheelchair which stops functioning well after a few periods of time.

So, how will you differentiate among the products available on the market? We are here to assist you with a guidance if you are finding the top lightweight wheelchair reviews. We will assist you with some well featured products.

Your wheelchair has to be easily functioned, swiftly moved and of course well built in order that it can give you the utmost support that you need. When it can satisfy these conditions it can be considered as an incredibly valuable tool of your life.

It is very important to do a little research before you jump for a low-priced one because it should not only be in your budget but also suitable for your size, body shape and physical condition. But again we must say you have to be very tricky if you want to purchase a good wheelchair which will fulfill your all requirements and will last for a long period.

We will give some suggestions and also competitive analysis that will guide you to choose the perfect lightweight wheelchair.


1. Elite Care Super Lightweight Folding Transport Travel Wheelchair in a Bag ECTR05 with Height Adjustable footrests:

This model is the only one with decent motion away footrests which make growing in and out of the wheelchair much natural as they can be transferred out of the way. Aforementioned super lightweight wheelchair collapses away neatly into a carry case to fit in a car or plane. It is leak proof of solid tires.

With detachable footrests, fold down back. This have desk arms so a wheelchair can be pushed further under a table – similar models don’t have the shaped armrests so can’t do this metallic blue.

The specification it mentioned in the products listings are:

  • These wheelchairs have an array of features to make it one of the most lightweight, compact and reliable occasional use wheelchairs available. These include: Folds to approx 1/3 of the size of a typical folded wheelchair it is Ideal for holidays, days out and shopping trips and Flip up padded desk arms Multiple cross braces for added strength 8″ Solid tyres
  • Lightweight travel bag included Height -95cm /37.5″ Width – 57cm / 22.5″ Depth – 84cm /33″
  • Seat Height – 48cm / 19″ Seat Width – 46cm /18″ Seat Depth – 42cm / 16″Folded Height 13″/ 33cm Folded Width 11″ / 28cm Folded Depth 31″ / 79 cm Total weight – 20.5lbs Max user weight – 255 lb.

Before going in-depth discussion we should give some answer and the answer is:

Q1: Is this product cost effective?


Q2: Does the seller have a reputation?

Yes, There has lots of sellers with good positive reviews.

Q3: Is this the right product that I recommend ?

Wait, I will compare and after that I will put a complete guideline for you.

Now the Pros and Cons of the Products:


  • The best things that I like most about these products is the travel support option it is so slim and fold-able that you can carry it while you travel for a few days. It is easily carry able and design is so good that anyone can carry it.
  • The seller has a good reputation and the overall review is good I found some review is generated but there is a good number of honest reviews.
  • Material is good and it can be used some years easily and the wheels are made with good material and for a wheelchair, wheels are very important.
  • Its arms are foldable so you can pass it through the table which is really necessary things when you need to sit on the desk.
  • Price is really affordable and anybody can afford.
  • For me, it is the top lightweight wheelchair for travel.


  • The worst things about this product are chair materials. The cloths of the chair seem not good and I think it will be torn away very soon.
  • Other things that should be addressed are the design. Design is not so attractive and it will give a poor impression when anyone uses it.
  • It is not comfortable to use as no foam used on the back so You will feel hard feelings when you use it.

2. Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair, Fixed Full Arms, 19″ Seat, Silver

Drive Medical Steel Transport Wheelchair highlights a strong steel frame that accommodates reliable security while maintaining the maneuverability of a lightweight movement aid. This transport chair provides cushioned armrests, excellent navigation in narrow indoor layouts, and is specially designed for easy operation independently or with support.

The nylon seat upholstery is simple to clean and the footrests swing away for seamless mounting and dismounting. Upholstery handles let the chair and backrest to fold flat for transportation and storage.

More Features it offered on the product specification are:

  • Durable steel frame provides reliable stability when using independently or with assistance
  • Superior maneuverability in narrow indoor layouts, Back Height – 18 inches
  • Cushioned armrests and swing away footrests ensure comfort
  • Chair and backrest fold flat for easy transportation
  • Nylon seat upholstery is simple to clean
  • Composite 8-inch wheels are lightweight and maintenance free
  • Dimensions of the seat are 16x17x19 inches and the seat height is 19 inches
  • Weight capacity is 250 pounds.

Before going in-depth discussion we should give some answer and the answer is:

Q1: Is this product cost effective?

Yes, it is the cheapest product.

Q2: Does the seller have a reputation?

Yes, There has lots of sellers with good positive reviews.

Q3: Is this the right product that I recommend

Still, you have an opportunity to see the other products.

Now the thing that is praisable of the product are:

  • Low price- It is really low price item. Can you believe you will get a wheelchair on $86.36? Yes, they are offering the products on these products.
  • Durability- It is durable as it uses the steel frame so you can use it so many years without having any big trouble.
  • Nylon Cloth- They use Nylon clothes and we know that Nylon is very durable and easy to wash.
  • As they mentioned that they use Cushioned armrests which give comfort when you sit on the chair.
  • Reputed seller- Seller is well reputed and sold thousands of items which ensures reliability.
  • I can say that it is the perfect lightweight transport wheelchair for elderly.

Now the worst things which I must share:

  • The design is suck. It is really very old and arcane design which really shows a poor design and poor choice of purchase for a buyer.
  • As they used Nylon as the core material but Nylon like other synthetics, it can be bad for the environment. It can melt if exposed to high temperatures and washing and drying excessively can cause pilling.
  • It is not easy to fold so you cannot easily fold it when you need to carry it for going vacation or any other travel.
  • And you cannot carry it easily on the car or Airplane as you cannot fold it like the first one.

3. Karman 19.8 lbs Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

Karman Healthcare introduces the latest advancement in Aluminum bending by offering the lightest weight non-custom aluminum wheelchair in the market. Weighing only 19.8 lbs, the Ergo Flight is made of Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum with a globally patented s-shape seating frame, and technically advanced design geometry.

Featuring companion brakes, folding backrest, padded seat and back antibacterial upholstery, removable footrest with heel loops and 20″x 1 3/8″ solid rear wheels with 6″x1″ front casters, and a weight capacity of 220 lbs.

More Features it offered on the product specification are :

  • Weighs only 19.8 lbs
  • 18″x17″ Seat with Anti-Bacterial Upholstery
  • Removable Footrest with Heel Loops
  • 20″ x 1 3/8″ Solid Rear Wheels with Fixed Axles
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Before going in-depth discussion we should give some answer and the answer is:

Q1: Is this product cost effective?

No, it is the most priced price among the products I reviewed.

Q2: Is this the right product that I recommend?

Wait I will give a complete guide after reviewing all the products.

The Good and bad things of the products that I find after analyses are given below:

Good sides are :

  • Comfortable: It is really comfortable as it uses high-quality foam and disperses the dense foam perfectly to ensure ultimate comfort.
  • Unique design- The design is so good and unique that you will never feel any boredom when you will use it.
  • The wheel is made with good material and the diameter is good enough so you need less effort to push the cart.
  • It has an elegant design with Royal look that shows your personality.
  • Durability- It uses good grade aluminum which ensures durability and lightweight both.
  • It can be said that it is the best lightweight folding wheelchair which can be folded easily.

 Bad sides are:

  • The most disturbing things about these products are over price. Price is so high that most people cannot think about the products.
  • The wheel is big so it will be tough to fold the chair perfectly.
  • The core material is aluminum but we all know that aluminum has the tendency of bent. So the seller must confirm the proof of durability.
  • I read some reviews and some reviews discussed some bad things about the product. It is un-expectable from high price product like it.

4. Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair with Flip Back Desk Arms, Swing Away Footrests, 20″ Seat

Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair features cutting-edge design with premium swing-away leg rests and detachable desk arms that flip back for advanced versatility and simple transportation. The 18″ padded seat is ergonomically crafted for comfort to make independent mobility easy and enjoyable.

The tires made of solid rubber and mounted on composite wheels, ensure a consistently smooth ride, and feature push-to-lock functionality for extra safety. The sleek blue-powdered frame is finished with durable steel to resist cracks and chipping. The black cross brace and nylon seat upholstery are sturdy, lightweight and low-maintenance to clean.

The more features that they included on the product specification are:
  • The cutting-edge design makes independent mobility enjoyable
  • Detachable desk arms and premium swing-away leg rests provide customizable support
  • 18” padded ergonomic seat ensures lasting comfort. Comes with calf strap
  • Durable tires feature push-to-lock functionality for safety
  • Cross brace and nylon seat upholstery are easy to clean. Comes with push-to-lock wheel locks
  • Width Open with- 20 inches Seat 26 inches, Width Closed- 12.5 inches, Height- 36 inches, Seat-To-floor Height- 19.5 inches, Back Height- 16 inches, Seat Dimensions with 18 inches, Seat- 18 inches (W) x 16 inches (D), Seat Dimensions with 20 inches, Seat 20 inches (W) x 16 inches (D), Length with Riggings- 42 inches, Product Weight- 41.25 pounds, Weight Limit- 250 pounds.

 Before going in-depth discussion we should give some answer and the answer is:

Q1: Is this product cost effective?

It is the second most costly price among the products.

Q2: Does the seller have a reputation?

Yes, he has and it is one of the best brands among all the chair I reviewed.

Q3: Is this the right product that I recommend ?

Wait, I will give a complete guide after reviewing all the products.

Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of the products,


  • Reasonable Price- It has a reasonable price, price is set calculating all the fact so both seller and buyer can be benefited.
  • Wheels are made with solid rubber and mounted on composite so the possibility of bending is very low.
  • A perfect combination of Comfort foam made the chair so cozy and comfortable that you can easily feel the Comfort.
  • Lightweight- The chair is made with lightweight material that will ensure a good carrier function when you need to carry it while traveling.
  • This wheelchair is the best lightweight wheelchair for travelling somewhere.


  • The disturbing sides of the products are carriage problem. You can hardly fold it to keep on a bag.
  • Price is reasonable but similar functions products have a much lower price than this.
  • One thing I observed when I use the products is it takes little more pressure to run as the wheel have less corrosion so it has risk on sliding.

5. Medline Lightweight Transport Adult Folding Wheelchair with Handbrakes, Red

Transport chairs make it easier for your loved ones and caregivers to help you get around in comfort and ease. Compared to standard wheelchairs, a transport chair requires a caregiver to push the chair. A transport chair is much lighter than a wheelchair; plus, it is more compact which makes getting around town easier.

This Medline Transport Wheelchair comes equipped with loop-lock hand brakes that are easy to operate and ideal for locking the rear wheels during transfers. It also has a seat belt which keeps the passenger securely in place and it is compact when folded, making it easy to lift into a car or carry up the stairs.

Weighs just 23.5 pounds and is equipped with a seat belt, comfortable nylon upholstery, full-length permanent armrest, and detachable footrests.

The more features that include on the product specification:

  • Medline transport wheelchair has large 12 inch rear wheels for better performance on uneven outdoor surfaces | Loop-style manual handbrakes are ideal for locking the rear wheels during transfers
  • Powder coated aluminum ultralight frame is durable and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • The portable back is collapsible (folds down) for easy storage, transport, and travel
  • Full-length permanent armrest | Detachable footrests | Seat belt for safety | Comfortable nylon upholstery
  • Seat dimensions are 18 x 16 inches.

 Before going in-depth discussion we should give some answer and the answer is:

Q1: Is this product cost effective?

Not too much but considering their function can be said yes it is.

Q2: Does the seller have a reputation?

    Yes, he has.

Q3: Is this the right product that I recommend?


Wait I will give a complete guide after reviewing all the products.

Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of the products.


  • The main function which blew my mind is the brake system that ensures safety when you will take the chair on a sloppy place.
  • Price is really reasonable and it will never give you the feeling that you are paying high.
  • A good combination of black and white gives an elegant look and it will be noticed amidst of thousand products.
  • Another thing that is praisable is seat belt which really essential for the old man and handicapped people.
  • I can give the badge of the best lightweight transport wheelchair for this product.


  • The main fault of this scarcity of using comfort materials like foam and soft cloths.
  • The chair is foldable but you have to go through a painful process.
  • The core material is Aluminum and I have explained before that Aluminum has a tendency to be bent.
  • Design is not too good; it follows the old and arcane design which is not attractive to the present condition.

Some things we considered while doing the best lightweight wheelchair reviews:


I always keep concentration on Price. As a reviewer I keep forth on price cause good products on competitive price helps people to buy the things most. Sometime low price products give very poor service but there are some issue happened with high priced products too.

Again People who have low budget always looking for products to buy with nominal price but also expect good products so I always keep mind this.


The seller who sells products should have a good reputation at least good honest reviews. I have researched so many years and found there are many sellers who set a low price and purchase reviews to sell their products but still some seller always believe to get good reviews. You have to judge the reviews properly and set some sort of tricks to get the real reviews.


If you purchase products from the seller who has best seller badge there is a chance that you will hardly cheat by them. So I always keep mind to review the best seller products.

Personal Choice:

I always prefer to review the things which will be multi-functional and help people to give support. I always try to pick the best item so that people can utilize their time to pick the best things for them. Here are a few products that I picked from thousands of Products available on Amazon.

How to choose the best lightweight wheelchair:

Actually, there is plenty of option when you will enter Amazon even I am not satisfy comparing only 5 items. Actually, there are a lot of products available on Amazon but I have to choose only a few of them. The result clearly showing what will be the ultra lightweight wheelchair for you.

Now if you have a low budget but you won’t get some good product then you can easily pick the second one as it is offering the lowest price. But If you really need a wheelchair which is easily fold-able and can be carried easily then the first one will be the best choice for you.

How to choose the best lightweight wheelchair

Well, you need both I mean to say both carriage facility and reasonable price then fourth one will be the best choice for you. Cause it is very reasonable and you can buy it within the limit of budget. But if you want something unique and comfortable then the third one will be ahead of your choice list.

It is really comfortable and has a smart look. Though you need to spend a lot on it still you will not feel that you cheated or fooled by the advertisement.

But the fifth one also provides you good design and comfort with the lower price than the third one. Even you will get the product one-third price of the third one.

In Conclusion:

Here is the analysis now the choice is yours which will be the best fit for you. Again you are the best solicitor who can choose the best products for you or the person who need the products. One thing I must add all the products are good and quality of except some fault.

So you have to decide how far you can go with your budget and how much you can compromise with the product faultiness. This best lightweight wheelchair reviews and buying guide can help you or not but still, you can get some idea which will help you to purchase the right product for you.