The common issues for every wheelchair user.

The daily problem that you have to face with your wheelchair is very common and it might happen every day with you. As most of the roads, even public transport have not any wheelchair support system.

You have to face many hurdles when you need to use them. As a wheelchair user, you have to go through many obstacles that may be not noticed by many non-wheelchair users.

In this article, The problem and the solution with a wheelchair will be discussed.


Wheelchair related common problems and solutions:

The problem that are mainly occurs when mostly at your own buildings with doorways, corridors or parking lots that are difficult/impossible to pass through, using a wheelchair. This makes it really difficult for wheelchair users to get things done.

Things like shopping, visiting friends/relatives, e.t.c. Beside that some other problems are faced by wheelchair user is discussed below.

The common issue for every wheelchair user.

Fact 01: Rough, uneven, dangerously sloping grounds, make it really tiring to push wheelchairs

when you have to go through some roads like rough or uneven or any slopy place then it becomes very tough to control wheelchair and push the chair on an uneven place. If you don’t have any assistance to assist you then you will be in great trouble.  

Sometimes the trouble can be turned into a fatal accident. So you need to be safe and secure while you traveling those areas. And if you have such plan to travel those areas you need to keep an assistant so that you can stay safe and can avoid unwanted hazards.


When you want to go to some hilly areas or forest then you must keep an assistant to pull your wheelchair. And you should avoid such type of travel schedule if you can not manage an assistant or any of your family member to control your wheelchair on this tour.

Fact 02: Traveling by using public transport–

If you ride public transport like buses, trains, e.t.c it takes a lot of time for a wheelchair user. The majority of time loss occurs from expecting for the buses to get below downward full, and then drive out the ramp entrance, so the wheelchair can go in.

And later, going off the carrier as well. When you add this to the time it takes a wheelchair user to fulfill the daily application round of laundry, preparing costumed, feeding. That is plenty of ease out of a 24 hour day!

Traveling by train also poses a lot more challenge to the wheelchair user than buses. There are many problems occurs even more than the buses like maintain the gap between the platform and train entrance door.


Government should install a different ramp than usual where a wheelchair user can easily use it can be automatic and can pull your chair easily.

The ramp should be set in such a place where nonuser people don’t make crowd so that wheelchair user will not pass extra time for getting chance of ramp.

Fact 03: Health Problems

Health problem such as Muscle Cramps and Pressure Sores can be assured if you are a persistent wheelchair user. As you have to sit a long time on a wheelchair, as a result, you may face unwanted muscle pain and cramp.

Lying down on a chair can create sores which are a great source of discomfort. You may face fatigue and nervous breakdown just laying down on wheelchair.


To avoid this problem family member should give time to the wheelchair user. A monthly checkup is needed to avoid a big issue. Always need to motivate them so that they can not feel any boredom and thus their loneliness can be removed which can help to keep them mentally and physically fit.

Fact 04: Challenges from Motorists, Pedestrians, and other road users –

When you use footpath with your wheelchair or go to any park you may face many difficulties from Motorists, Pedestrians and another road user. Many motorist or pedestrian never follow the wheelchair ramp line so it becomes a problem for a wheelchair user.

Many motorists don’t stop when a wheelchair user needs to pass the road. It can make a great problem for a wheelchair user and some time it can create an accident.

Again as a wheelchair rider rides his cart being below the average line of vision so it becomes very tough for the motorist to see the rider which can make a fatal accident.


Voluntary organization should stretch their hand to assist people who ride through wheelchair to pass road. A digit medium should be set up in the road so that it can sense wheelchair and can send a signal to the traffic system and motorist to avoid an unwanted collision.

Fact 04: Finally  attitude of the society –

The society always see the wheelchair users in sympathetically. The attitude to the wheelchair user, non-wheelchair user is totally different which hurts the wheelchair user mind. Many people think wheelchair user is physically challenged and they don’t heed their word.

Many recruiters never keep faith in a wheelchair user and hardly recruit them. As a result, people who have a great talent cannot implement their knowledge perfectly only being a wheelchair user. There are many examples where an employee has to leave his job after taking a wheelchair.

This social attitude creating a problem on wheelchair user they think themselves unwanted and useless and become more captive in their own world. Some cases showing that they lose the hopes to live and become sicker for facing such a brutal attitude of society.


The attitude should be changed in this perspective social awareness is really important. Awareness can be brought through press and communication medium. From childhood, a citizen should know the way of behavior with the wheelchair user.

And they should accept the wheelchair user as normal people do not behave like they are alien. The different organization should arrange many get together a party where wheelchair user and the nonuser can meet to share their experience and many things to become closer and thus the attitude can be changed.

In conclusion:

The challenges that discussed in the above article is very familiar and the solution also very usual but we always avoid to learn this. Our society always thinks the wheelchair user something alien and they look them sympathetically which is unbearable for them.

Our administration is not very concern about the wheelchair user they proposed some system for the wheelchair user which is old and arcane.

To keep pace with modern technology the plan should be modified so that wheelchair user can pass their life with safety and security and the government should cognizant the problems and solution to the wheelchair user for avoiding unwanted risks.