Underwater Welding Information

Under water welding

Underwater welding, as is clear from the name itself, is a unique form of welding process, and has got multiple applications, which are rare to be worked upon by other conventional methods of welding. Large numbers of offshore structures such as oil drilling rigs, pipelines, and platforms are installed, and during normal usage or during … Read more

How To Do Rod Welding – An Informative Article.


There are various types of welding rods used in metal arc welding. These can be classified as bare welding rods, light coated, heavy coated and shielding arc welding electrodes.   The type used will depend on the properties of the weld in question, such as the required strength of a weld, ductility, corrosion resistance, and compatibility with … Read more

History Of Manual Wheelchairs

history of manual wheelchair

While it is evident that wheelchairs have long association with medicine, up until the early 20 century often intersected the divide between a mode of transport for the wealthy and medical apparatus for injured, sick and/or disabled people. This was especially the case for the British Bath Chair, which the Victorian wealthy also used in … Read more

General Information About Power Wheelchairs


Power wheelchairs are also known as electric wheelchairs or motorized wheelchairs.  Today’s high-tech chairs have evolved dramatically since the first electric wheelchairs were manufactured by two inventors; Herbert Everest, a paralyzed miner, and his friend Harold Jennings, a mechanical engineer, in 1918. In the 1970’s, aluminum was used to build and support the frames.  This … Read more